Woven Interlinings

Our fusible woven interlinings satisfy even the most demanding application. Availabe in a range of weights and a wide variety of colors meet all the needs of the clothing industry.

Knitted Interlinings

The range extends from classical knitted rayon articles of varying weights to texturized knitted interlinings in many different colors and designs. Fusible, knitted interlinings provide the perfect basis for efficient production of ready-to-wear clothes.

Non-woven Interlinings

High quality non-woven interlining from the finest quality 100% polyester, polyamide products with ultra fine coating to heavier blends. It is available from weight of 10 gms to 100 gms in different weights and widths. We have thermal bonded non-wovens for blouse, dress and jacket applications.

Embroidery backings

Embroidery backings having excellent quality tearing ranging from 25 gms to 70 gms/sqm weight. To provide excellent results on embroidery.

Hot Water Interlinings

Special interlining for embriodery which dissolves at 90 C.

Cold Water Dissolvable

We have normal water soluble interlinings which dissolves at normal temperature. It is suitable for all kinds of embriodery, laces etc. It is available in different weights and widths.

Application Area: